Su Zhu is popularly known as the CEO and chief investment officer of three arrows capital. A cryptocurrency-based hedge fund headquartered in Singapore. He founded the company in 2012 with Kyle  Davies, a former high school classmate. The two co-founders, who are currently among the world's biggest crypto holders, started their association at the kitchen table of their shared apartment in Singapore.


He has experience with various jobs such as being a co-founder, CEO, and CIO, at three arrows he has been a trader for years at Deutsche Bank. and again worked as a trader in Flow traders. Zhu has given a forecast on the adoption of Bitcoin in 2022, tweeting: “I’m only going to make one prediction for 2022 and it’s that at least 10 nation-states will make BTC legal tender.” He hasn't referenced much about Ethereum, likely because as he framed in late 2021, he believes the platform fails to impress anyone concerning further developing expenses. In general, He is supposed to keep tossing his weight behind inventive tasks and initiatives. In mid-2022, Three Arrows Capital reported it had driven a private token deal for Ethereum contender Near Protocol.