Zeneca is an enthusiastic crypto influencer, also referred to as Roy, and is one of the most eminent NFT influencers, before this he was an experienced poker player for 15 years. He had formerly engaged in crypto in 2016, nevertheless promptly abandoned once the bear market hit. He recognized NFTs in February 2021. He has the experiences of connecting with people, reading articles, and gaining knowledge from others, together with co-hosting his podcast and tracking floor price data, and also has accomplished confidence in the future of NFTs. Zeneca discovered that his true passion lies in supporting the construction of the ecosystem and future that everyone visualizes. He desires to apportion things he’s learned and craves to discover more things and apportion those too.


He decided to build ZenAcademy because he believes that the NFT environment is so fresh and new, and each individual is so new to it, that no one of us is truly an expert. ZenAcademy aims to create a community of like-minded individuals that are here to learn, that are here to share, create, build, and encourage. He desires it to be a platform where each and everyone help each other, by learning. He is one tiny cog in this enormous wheel, and he hopes to move the wheel forward. Zeneca believes that there is no roadmap for the ZenAcademy, rather, he is paving the road as he goes. He continues to develop as long as he is creating, operating, and building, the platform will serve as his home base of operations