Victor Faramond is a crypto influencer, and an exuberant professional in cutting-edge web technologies, developing front-end applications and backend systems at scale. He is the Co-founder and CTO at MoonPay, a platform that encourages the non-custodial purchase of substantial cryptocurrencies. Faramond completed his education at CPE Lyon, earning a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, and also acquired knowledge at  EPFL, in Academic exchange, Mathematics, and Computer Science. He is highly skilled in numerous fields including software development, web development, testing, algorithms, python, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, project management, data science, and machine learning.


He is an exceptionally experienced leading light with more than six years of experience in numerous organizations holding the position of software engineer internist at Merck Serono, 3 months internship within the Biotech Process Sciences department of the company, in Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland, and software engineer internist at Apple, in San Francisco Bay Area, also at Skello, a French SaaS startup offering a sharp-witted scheduling software to restaurants manager, in Paris Area, France, and Head of Engineering at, venture capital fund, and company builder, in London, United Kingdom.