Ryan Selkis launched a consulting firm that delivered a daily curative bulletin of the crypto business and a venture capital consulting service for investors seeking due diligence on cryptocurrency ventures after becoming interested in Bitcoin in 2013. He later joined Digital Currency Group, a blockchain investment firm, as a director. He oversaw DCG's purchase of cryptocurrency news site CoinDesk, where he served as managing director for a year and a half. He is the founder and CEO of Messari, an open-data library aimed at increasing transparency in the crypto-asset industry.


He has continued to add new projects to its disclosure registry in 2019, where teams can offer information on token economics, treasury, and finance, among other things. He tweeted earlier this year that he had been phoned from an out-of-state number and that the caller had quoted his wife's birthday. This came after Messari issued a pessimistic report regarding XRP. It created controversy and a firestorm on Twitter when he called on Brad Garlinghouse and the Ripple team to denounce the XRP community's behavior.


Messari released a newsletter item in March that looked at the flaws of main market data provider CoinMarketCap as a reputable source of industry data. Toward the end of the year, he published "Crypto Theses for 2020," a comprehensive analysis of the crypto asset market.