Ted Livingston deliberate on advanced mechanics at the University of Waterloo. In 2009, he established Kik, a courier application startup. In September 2017, Kik brought almost $100 million up in a symbolic deal. After four months, the organization got a summons from the SEC, starting a fight in court that has continued right up till now.


At the point when costly talks with the SEC spent assets as well as drove clients and financial backers away, He chose to deal with the SEC directly in court. This propelled the development of DefendCrypto.org, a lawful asset given by Kik and the local area for organizations hoping to confront administrative experts in court. The majority of the help is in fortitude not with Kik, as such, but rather in light of the business working without a reasonable administrative system.


By September 2019, more than 90% of the Kik group had been laid off and the courier application was briefly deactivated, making the continuous fight in court and the KIN environment the sole needs of the group.