Elizabeth Stark is an educator, open internet advocate, and blockchain entrepreneur. She is currently  CEO of Lightning Labs, an organization that aims to scale Blockchains. The public beta version of the Lightning Network was released in March 2018, which is the first step in putting together an ecosystem for fast transactions across the blockchain. 


The Lightning Network began 2022 with a bang as key innovative activities take on its micro-transaction system for scaling, with Cash App being among the more remarkable organizations. The famous versatile mobile payment service, created by Block, recently declared the incorporation of Lightning Network, permitting its clients in the U.S. to appreciate free Bitcoin exchanges. The integration of the solution by significant organizations is eventually set to expand the organization's permeability and utility in the crypto-verse.


She is co-founder of the open video alliance, which seeks to promote innovation and free expression in online video, and produced related conferences that involved nearly 9000 people in person and across the web. She serves as a mentor with the Thiel Fellowship and has collaborated with companies such as Google and Mozilla. She has taught at Stanford University and Yale University about technology and the Internet.  After observing Elizabeth Stark, people expect her to continue with her blockchain support for disruptive blockchain technologies in the coming days.