Shivam Chhuneja is an extremely creative, passionate crypto influencer and driven business developer, who always brings booming energy to everything he does. He encompasses thinking outside the box and generating innovative strategies for business enterprises' marketing requirements. He encourages startups to acknowledge a piece of the rich knowledge of the new booming technologies, which are cryptocurrency and blockchain. He resides in Pune, Maharashtra, India. He has a sophisticated but realistic understanding of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.


He is a professional marketer with wide-ranging skills in building, leading, and assisting with executing marketing campaigns for more than six years. He offers support for organizations as well as startup business enterprises to enhance their business strategies and meet their objectives and user needs effectively. At present, he is the Head of Partnerships and Growth Marketing Lead at Totality, which builds ZionVerse, a playable NFT user-originated Web3 gaming environment, with the goal of collaborating scalability via technology, innovation via design, and retention via content. 


He is the author of the publication Smart Brainology: The Mindset of Winners, published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform in May 2016. Previously, he served at numerous organizations, holding distinct positions such as managing owner, managing director, online marketing consultant, and research associate. Shivam graduated from the Hult International Business School, earning a Master’s degree in International Business, and also attended Symbiosis International University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Technology Engineering.


He incorporates a great understanding of various fields such as management, leadership, marketing, online marketing, business strategy, etc.  Several awards have been bestowed upon him, including the Protathilitis 14 Tennis Championship at Symbiosis Institute of Technology and the Protathilitis 2015 Table Tennis in Men's Category.