Sherman describes himself as a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about developing decentralized technologies. Lee is the co-founder of Raven Protocol, a decentralized deep-learning training platform. In addition to this, he is also a part of several other successful ventures, including, a Hong Kong-based venture capital firm.


Sherman is an angel investor who is looking for firms that are striving to build out the complete ecosystem of AI training at scale. Edge devices, cloud infrastructure, data encryption, distributed training methods, blockchain, and other technologies are being explored by his platform. At Zeroth, he previously served as one of the partners. AI is concentrating on sponsoring AI and Blockchain startups. We were bought by Animoca Brands after partnering with Softbank's AI fund.


Apart from this, Sherman performed as Mentor on several platforms including Techstars, where he advised startups on scaling, growth, marketing, customer development, and fundraising. Also mentored at Manos Accelerator via Google Launchpad, and at Free Ventures.