Scott Stuart is a Best Selling author and designer focused on creating content that empowers young children. As a Freelance designer, animator, Illustrator, and digital marketing consultant for several years, he worked on a wide-ranging category of projects with highlights being working with Disney, Dream works, and Warner Bros. Scott Stuart's Books have appeared on a number of best-seller lists, as well as received nominations for children's Book of the Year and Picture Book of the Year for the book named My Shadow is Pink.   


In the past, Scott Stuart has served as the Co-Founder, designer, and swing dance instructor at SwingCity where he contributed for five long years. Furthermore, he was also the Graphic Designer at The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation Melbourne based in Australia where he was responsible for graphic design, art direction, stakeholder management, and creative development under the RCH Foundation and the RCH auxiliaries, fundraising campaigns, digital strategy, etc.