Charlie Lee is a former Coinbase employee who is perhaps best known for being the brains behind the popular crypto project ‘Litecoin’. Which is currently one of the world’s top 10 crypto assets by the total market capitalization. Over the past year or so, Lee has focused all of his efforts on driving LTC adoption across the globe. 


He is a computer scientist, most popular as the maker of Litecoin. He fills in as the overseeing overseer of the Litecoin Foundation. As of July 2013, he additionally worked for Coinbase. He was born in Ivory Coast, moved to the United States at 13 years old, and moved on from secondary school in 1995. He moved on from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with single guy's and graduate degrees in software engineering in 2000.


For decades during the 2000s, He worked for Google. His work for the organization remembered composing code for Chrome OS. In 2011, Lee became keen on Bitcoin. In October 2011, he delivered Litecoin on Bitcointalk. He had composed the blockchain innovation in view of Bitcoin in his extra time while utilized at Google. He delivered Litecoin to general society subsequent to mining just 150 coins. Lee has expressed that he didn't plan to contend with Bitcoin yet implied Litecoin to be utilized for more modest transactions.


In July 2013, He left Google and started working at Coinbase, before the cryptographic money trade took on the coin he had created. In December 2017, Lee reported on Reddit that he sold practically all of his Litecoin property because of an apparent clash of interest. He had been condemned for his tweets, which perhaps affected the cost of the coin. Lee sold or gave every one of his currencies with the exception of a couple printed in actual structure which he kept as collectibles. He is right now working all day with the Litecoin Foundation on cultivating Litecoin adoption.