Sabin Dima is a young entrepreneur, ambitious, who is driven by creativity in creating human-centered technology products and is passionate about transforming germinating trends into victorious product lines. He completed his education at "The Bucharest University of Economic Studies". He is the founder and CEO of, located in Romania. Humans associate blockchain technology and AI with enabling users to create digital DNA, which can be turned into NFTs and can be managed and traded for numerous uses. 


He has Volunteer Experience as Project Manager at Business Club in Economic Empowerment in 2008; Cofounder and Project Manager at Think Online, the first online academy in Romania in Science and Technology. Previously he served as Co-founder at AroundWise, which uses iBeacon Technology to engage neighboring people and make them spend more, in Bucharest, Romania for nearly 6 years; Cofounder at Loud, which connects people in the clubs for 6 years; Cofounder at The Cofounders, a team of professionals and entrepreneurs, who built technology at its core in 2014; Cofounder at Geekcelerator in the Cayman Islands in 2012; Cofounder at Outliers Lab, Bucharest, Romania; Cofounder at Engrid, a Cloud-based Virtual Administrative Assistant Staffing Services for Employers and Clients in Romania; Cofounder at PlusOne Studio, a full-service digital agency.