Rune Christensen is the co-founder and CEO of MakerDAO, which issues Dai, the world's first stable coin on the Ethereum blockchain. Starting around 2015, Christensen has zeroed in on laying out the vision and authoritative construction of the Maker Decentralized Autonomous Organization and the financial underpinnings of the Dai stable advanced money. He is likewise familiar with Mandarin Chinese.


Probably the most grounded current in the Ethereum space all through 2019 was the developing environment of decentralized finance applications, with MakerDAO and the Dai stable coin assuming a critical part in this change in account and engineering center. MakerDAO cooperated with different activities all through the year with an end goal to extend the accessibility and utilization of Dai. In September, MakerDAO declared a designer award and cooperation with blockchain-based independent stage Opolis to carry Dai installments to the consultant gig economy. In August, MakerDAO collaborated with London-based financial elective endeavor Monolith to carry Dai installments to its Visa check card.


At the end of the year, MakeDAO declared an offer of $27.5 million in MKR tokens to Dragonfly Capital Partners and Paradigm to carry Defi to Asian business sectors. The greatest specialized update in the MakerDAO platform was the launch of Multi-Collateral Dai in November, which will widen the collateralized resources backing Dai past Ethereum.