Rob Paone, also known as Crypto Bobby, is an enthusiastic crypto and blockchain influencer. He is the founder of Proof of Talent, a tech recruiting organisation focused majorly on the ecosystem of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. He is a refined talent and the host of Crypto Bobby, one of the most popular Youtube channels. Bobby resides in New York City, Metropolitan Area. He completed his education at Northwestern University, earning a Master’s degree in Information Systems, and also attended Elon University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Sales Concentration. 


He incorporates a truly embedded organisational team in the booming and new-enhancing blockchain environment in the industry by offering a competitive edge to hiring companies as well as to career seekers. He provides support to the individuals who have been affected by the latest layoffs in the crypto space. He is currently operating with numerous companies all around the industry that are actively providing opportunities, and he tries his best to find a solution with something great and rapidly.


Bobby served as Business Developer at AirSwap, which provides business development, growth, and community for AirSwap, one of the best paths to operating peer-to-peer trading on Ethereum. Previously, he worked at numerous organisations by enhancing his skills and knowledge of various industries, holding different posts such as Account Executive at Oracle, LinkedIn, NetSuite, Professional Technical Recruiter at The Select Group, and Officer Candidate at the United States Marine Corps.


Bobby is a highly knowledgeable personality who encompasses great understanding in numerous fields such as Strategic Sales, Blogging Software, Sales Process, and many others. He is fascinated by numerous organizations including, Wheelhouse, Costikyan Inc, CityBlock Capital, Crypto Jobs List, B2C2, and many others.