Rob Eberle, short for Robert Eberle, has been serving as the Technology Executive and Board Member at Bottomline since 1998, a leading platform that provides business enterprises with payment solutions distributed over numerous geographies and markets. In the past, Rob held the position of President and Chief Executive Officer at Bottomline Technologies. Later in May 2022 became the Strategic Advisor at Bottomline Technologies, from then he has been directly involved with operations across the platform supporting accelerating business growth via new strategies and technologies. He established a company that was big enough to encompass the resources to do something extraordinary but small enough that an individual's impact could be sensed every day.   


Developed a crew of incredibly smart and talented leaders with a proven history. On February 9, 2022, Rob sold 6,889 units of EPAY stock for $390,331 worth of currency, which is one of the largest mobile payment ecosystems in India. He made the largest trade of 50,263 units of Bottomline Technologies Inc. supply in 2011. He helps business enterprises as well as communities in enhancing their business strategies and achieving their business objectives and goals effectively and meeting their customers' requirements efficiently by providing top-class products and experiences that help financial institutions and businesses invest and get benefits.