Raoul Pal is co-founder and CEO of Real Vision. Real Vision was founded in 2014 and is a video platform that seeks to focus on its surrounding atmosphere and finance. The paid-membership stage includes a variety of content, including interviews and composed content, with the, generally speaking, available measure of content on the stage subject to the membership level picked. Before that, he worked with Goldman Sachs and GLG Partners. He also founded a research publication called Global Macro Inventor in 2005. Which also requires payment for access on a membership basis. 


In 2022 he recognized that the crypto space began with a single blockchain-based asset. He saw the sector turning into a giant web of companies with massive amounts of capital flowing in the industry, which naturally has provided more conversational points of intersection with mainstream finance- as crypto continues on its upward path, gaining overall market cap and public attention. He acts as a bridge between crypto and traditional finance for mainstream people, helping them understand crypto and its potential impacts on the world- which could further crypto industry adoption.  


The crypto space started with a solitary blockchain-based resource - BTC. Ensuing years saw the area transform into a giant web of parts with huge measures of capital streaming into the business, which normally has furnished more conversational places of convergence with standard money - making Pal an eminent wellspring of understanding, given his standard monetary ability and crypto information.