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Peter McCormack is a well-known British Bitcoin journalist and podcaster. Peter McCormack hosts the podcast What Bitcoin Did, a twice-weekly show in which he interviews experts in Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. He writes on themes like freedom, human rights, censorship, and Bitcoin.

He contributes "creativity" to "What Bitcoin Did," as well as a deep and lasting sense of curiosity, which has made his podcast one of the most popular in the Bitcoin community. According to his monthly financial reports, the podcast made over $77,000 last month and was downloaded over 400,000 times. Kraken and BitGo, two well-known bitcoin exchanges, sponsored the event. He has nearly 90,000 followers on Twitter. Things are improving.


By 2018, he had grown to distrust the industry in which he worked for the third time. He claimed that digital marketing doesn't truly work in a smart essay on LinkedIn that foreshadowed his now-familiar confrontational tone. He told me that if you trace clicks from banner advertisements to conversions, they never pay for themselves. "However, if you go to a page with an ad and ignore it but still buy from that firm, the purchase will be attributed to that ad." As a result, if you visit thousands of websites, you're constructing a network of coincidences."


He left advertising, fully motivated. His mother died in January 2017, and he took time off to grieve. That year, he made a quick fortune on bitcoin before losing nearly everything, but he was so intrigued by the technology that he started a podcast called "What Bitcoin Did." The podcast was informative and characterized by real inquiry, and it swiftly increased in popularity.