Mitch Liu is the Co-Founder of Theta Labs, Inc and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company.  He has been developing cutting-edge technology since 2015,  Founded Theta Labs along with other team members in 2017 intending to develop a next-generation video and entertainment blockchain introducing the Theta Meta chain to empower Web3 businesses. Liu has spent part of his career life serving as Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer for seven long years at since 2015, the company is backed by higher Silicon Valley VCs and Hollywood media investors. 


In 2010, Co-Founded Gameview Studios, one of the first free-to-play mobile games on iOS and Android which was later acquired by DeNA Global. Whereas in 2006, he Co-Founded Tapjoy an IT Services and Consulting firm that is revolutionizing the mobile advertising and application monetization industry sector. At Tapjoy, Liu performed as the Head of Platform and worked with Brand advertisers to help them achieve their ideal mobile audience via rewarded video ads. Worked with publishers to support them in accomplishing new users and monetizing their mobile applications. Liu is the Co-Inventor and holds four patents in the video streaming, virtual reality, and blockchain environment. Comprising expertise in the following categories, Blockchain, Angel Investing, Startups, Leadership, and Management.