Michal Suski is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Surfer. A top Content Intelligence tool that supports content groups to grow brands, organic traffic, and revenue. He is an On-Page enthusiast who majorly specializes in SEO with extensive digital marketing knowledge. Apart from SEO and Digital Marketing, he is also a professional carpenter, DIY devotee, and keen skier. In the past before Co-Founding Surfer in 2017, Suski began to work as Junior Specialist at KS SEO agency where he discovered and learned the basic skills of SEO in 2016. Whereas in 2018 became the Senior SEO Specialist and later switched to Head of SEO at Kampanie SEO. 


He served as QA at Pilot for three years, which is a software development company that helps organizations pay remote team members including taking care of payroll, benefits, compliance, and onboarding for global teams. At Pilot, Suski was responsible for writing test routes and maintaining Mixpanel events and reports. Where he manually tested on desktop and mobile web, iOS, and Android associated applications. 


With his expertise in SEO and Digital Marketing, he has successfully trained many SEOs, Copywriters, and marketers on On-Page SEO, technical optimization, and Content. He has created several projects such as Domki Krempna, and www.squerb.com including surfer.