Alden, Lyn Schwartzer, better known by her first name, Lyn Alden, is an investment researcher and the founder of She Investment Strategy. Her dedicated newsletter, published six times a week to tens of thousands of readers, covers investing opportunities across various assets, including bitcoin. Schwartzer has a background in engineering and finance, with an interest in investing research over the past 15 years. She appears frequently in the media and maintains an active Twitter account.


With Bitcoin and stock prices expected to surge in 2020, Schwartzer's investment knowledge will be in high demand. At the same time, her media appearances began to focus more on the economic events of the year, such as the dollar's decline and Bitcoin's reintroduction into general consciousness on both the institutional and retail levels. Fidelity Digital Assets' director of research, Ria Bhutoria, called Schwartzer her "favorite Bitcoin bull of 2020."


With the popularity of cryptocurrencies expected to expand in 2021, Schwartzer expects interest in learning about investing options to increase. The likelihood of forthcoming legal obstacles in the United States, where lawmakers attempt to put questionable monitoring and identification requirements on cryptocurrency companies and wallet holders, is a current source of anxiety. At the same time, Cointelegraph expects Schwartzer will have enough to write about as stocks continue their record-breaking rise amid persistent dollar weakness.