Luke Saunders is an enthusiastic superlative developer, a great presenter, and an incredible pleasure to work with. He is a true polymath, his effective business strategies and marketing concepts are second to none. He has regularly been able to introduce innovative ideas that have always benefited the company in a positive way. He recognizes how to manage, teach, encourage and most importantly, lead by example. He is the Chief Technology Officer at Delphi Digital, based in London, England, United Kingdom. He is capable to grasp new skills and languages quickly and can tally value in numerous ways beyond coding. Additionally, he is a great networker and communicator. He possesses great interest in numerous well-established companies such as AmaZix, Jentu Technologies, and, Delphi Digital, Allatrack, 01 Capital, and many others.  


Luke has completed his studies at the City University of London, earning a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence, and Oxford Brookes University, earning a bachelor’s degree in Computing. He possesses a piece of deep knowledge of numerous skills such as Ruby, JavaScript, jQuery, Startups, Web Applications, Data Mining, Linux, MongoDB, and many others. Previously, served at many organizations holding the position of Partner at AmaZix Capital, Investor and Technical Advisor at Renowned & Co, Director and Developer at Sketch Consulting Ltd, Lead frontend Developer at 123People, Javascript developer at Kayuda, and Web Developer at Inpharmatica. 


He was formerly Co-Founder at, a follow-up tool that permits to safely and easily swap contact details with people. In addition, He is a Co-Founder at AmaZix, the platform that encompasses expert consultants, offering blockchain and cryptocurrency-related advisory solutions with the key focus on Security and Smart Contracts Auditing, Market Penetration Analysis, and Tokenomics.