Lou Kerner is an enthusiastic blockchain and cryptocurrency influencer and believer, and a smart, hard-working individual. He has been mainly focused and involved in the space of cryptocurrency since 2017. He is a Partner at Blockchain Coinvestors, a cryptocurrency trading platform, and the CEO of Blockchain Coinvestors Acquisition Corporation, a platform aiming to integrate with a rapidly growing crypto organization that operates through 30+ one-time cryptocurrency investments per year. Lou resides in the New York City Metropolitan Area.


Lou Kerner develops crypto communities such as CryptoMondays, which is one of the largest crypto gathering groups in the universe. At present, he is part of Quantum Economics and an active crypto blogger through Medium.  He is extremely helpful and provides support not only in the aspects of strategic thinking but also in terms of innovation among leaders in marketing, technology, and advertising. He believes in a more transparent and reliable world and focuses on adding value to booming technology and blockchain activities with real-world implementations. 


He has been the Global Expert at Blockchain Founders Fund since 2022, which consults leading blockchain organizations and prominent companies on new emerging technologies by supporting new entrepreneurs across business operations with a hands-on intensive market venture program. He was honored as a Top 50 Writer on Medium on Bitcoin, which was algorithmically selected by Medium for being one of the 50 most influential bloggers on the Bitcoin platform. 


Lou founded CryptoMondays in 2018, a decentralized platform for Meetup Groups established in NYC. Since then, the platform has increased to 70 cities across the world, including New York, San Francisco, Miami, Tel Aviv, Shanghai, Singapore, London, and many others. He brought CryptoMondays NYC's 7k+ members to the community in 2021. He has created numerous projects, including The Rise and Fall of Corporate Accelerators, The Second Internet Report, From the Wright Brothers to Israel, Lessons on Innovation, etc.