Kashif Raza is a self-motivated, energetic crypto influencer, a brilliant individual who encompasses great leadership qualities. He is the founder of Bitinning, a crypto education startup platform that helps people all over the world gain a thorough understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. He resides in New Delhi, Delhi, India. Kashif was an average student who emphasized engaging in numerous activities and was interested majorly in economics subjects.


 Kashif got involved in the crypto ecosystem in November 2016 and began trading Bitcoins through his close friend. He eventually put INR 5000 into Bitcoin. After three days, he received an alert that the amount had increased to INR 7,500. He didn't make any more transactions, but he kept checking the alerts. He began to study the basics of cryptography in his free time. He believes that with awareness, crypto could be a good investment space for each individual to accomplish their right to freedom and economic equality. He has spoken at numerous crypto forums and written several articles about cryptocurrency regulations and the ecosystem.


His extreme goal is to provide help to at least one lakh Indians to begin their journey of life in the cryptocurrency environment. Kashif graduated from the HP University College of Business Studies, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and management, and also attended the Institute of Productivity and Management, acquiring a PGDBM. He acquires a deep knowledge of numerous sectors, especially in cryptocurrency, blockchain, public speaking, sales management, and strategic planning.