Julian Moncada is the board Observer at Blockdaemon, who entitle businesses to rapidly deploy and iterate innovative blockchain applications, aiming to reduce the complexity of functioning with blockchains via quick and easy configuration, monitoring for high availability and quality of services with high security. He engages in investments in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, E-commerce, SaaS, NFT, B2B, Enterprise Software, Consumer Goods, Tech, Web 3.0, and All Sectors. 


Julian Moncada is the Director of Corporate Development at Opentrons Labworks Inc, which makes robots for biologists, their mission is to provide the scientific community with a common platform to easily share protocols and reproduce each other’s results. Julian Moncada along with Jonathan Barnbrook, designed Sora, authorized for the Sora decentralized autonomous economy focusing on commissioning projects that benefit the public, a Japanese technology company particularising in blockchain development and well-known for building the first central bank digital currency. 


In March 2009 he was honored by the Wiscontrepreneur Scholarship, which is awarded to students from all fields to study who demonstrate an affinity for entrepreneurship, issued by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He previously worked at Bonsai as an advisor, he co-founded bedtime, a platform specially designed to help the users fall asleep faster and sleep sounder. Also served at brkr as creator, Foxtrot as board observer, Lerer Hippeau as a senior associate, and analyst, Co-Owner and Founder at Mara Accessories.

Additionally, he was a Senior Investment Analyst at Prudential Capital Group, their he perform end-to-end diligence and credit underwriting that includes business, industry, and financial analysis in order to guide investment decisions for the company’s $60 billion debt, mezzanine, and equity portfolio. Graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Finance and Investment Banking, and International Business.  Moreover, he is Certified with an iOS Software Development Certificate, Computer Software Engineering, and learned HTML, JavaScript, and Object-C via Thinkful and other online resources. Also attended Semester study abroad program at Cass Business School.