Joseph Pallant is executive director and founder of the blockchain for climate foundation and Climate innovation director at Ecotrust Canada. He also founded CPS Carbon Project Solutions Inc.  He has been active in the carbon market since 2004, where he provides offset project development expertise and strategic direction across private, public, and NGO endeavors. CPS Carbon Project Solutions Inc. is a pioneering offset development and blockchain for climate foundation that are “putting the Paris agreement on the blockchain”. His work with Brinkman Climate developed emissions reduction projects and helped smart climate policy succeed. 


His experiences till now are: he is a Director of Climate Innovation at Ecotrust Canada, founder and executive director at blockchain for Climate, Community Scholar- Blockchain for Climate, Community Scholar- Blockchain for Climate at York University- Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research, Advisor at Humanitas Capital management, Mitigation Team Lead at Climate Chain Coalition, Advisor at CarbonX Personal Carbon Trading Inc., founder of CPS Carbon Project Solutions Inc., manager at Brinkman Climate, Expert Panel Member at Green PAC, mentor at Connecting Environmental Professionals Vancouver Mentoring Program, Business Development Associate at Pacific Carbon Trust, Carbon Market manager at ERA Ecosystem Restoration Associate at Pacific Carbon trust and so on. 


Pallant is supposed to continue dealing with the BITMO Platform, empowering and facilitating cross-line cooperation on environmental change difficulties overall and emanations decreases specifically. Pallant's vision is that arising innovations, such as blockchain and NFTs, can assist with tending to contemporary natural difficulties, lessening the adverse consequence of human variables on the environment.