Jordan Fried is an ambitious cryptocurrency influencer. He embodies the trifecta of passion, intelligence, and motivation. He learns a lot about business opportunities and strategies. He is a driven person who is capable of rapidly grabbing a new environment and innovating an effective solution via his unique experience in the industry. Jordan is the Chairman and CEO of Immutable Holdings Inc., which is a decentralized, DAO-governed platform, created on a marquee domain that serves as the key factor for NFT creators and collectors. Additionally, he serves as the founder of,  and a software developer.


He believes that in this changing market cycle because of the occurrence of the new booming technologies, a down market can be frightening, whereas cryptocurrency will be a part of everyone's lives for their entire life. He educates people about the emerging technologies of cryptocurrency and blockchain in the world. He is an investor at Swirlds Inc., an organisation operating under the Hashgraph consensus algorithm, a revolutionary shared ledger technology.


He completed his education at the University at Buffalo, gaining knowledge of American government and politics, economics, and science. He has a deep understanding of numerous fields, such as Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEM, New Business Development, Account Management, and many others. His publications include 21 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 21, published in Time Magazine in March 2016.