John Walsh, also known as CryptoGodJohn, is an enthusiastic cryptocurrency influencer and a professional entrepreneur born in Long Island, New York. He offers help to numerous individuals to discover more and learn a deep understanding of the new booming technologies, blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. He practised being independent from a very young age.


He faced numerous challenges in his entire life. His mother expired due to pancreatic cancer when he was just 21 years old. Three years later, his father died of a heart attack. He was confused and had no direction at the time and dropped out of college twice. Finally, he made a decision to venture into the huge world of cryptocurrency and then transformed into an excellent cryptocurrency influencer. Additionally, he believes that his finest achievement is finding the cryptocurrency market, which entirely changed his life. 


He has been in the crypto ecosystem since 2017 and has supported a wide range of personalities and athletes with everything related to cryptocurrency. Since 2020, he has been the Chief Executive Officer of WWWVentures and Walsh Wealth Group. The first business he is involved in is the Walsh Wealth Group, a crypto community platform for individuals requiring a month-to-month basis fee to connect. His achievements are not only limited to the environment of cryptocurrency; he has achieved greater popularity and success on the social media platform too. He aims to establish distinct business enterprises and provide assistance to people as much as he can. 


He completed his education at Baruch College, earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Accounting, and Management. He is a highly skilled individual who has a rich understanding of numerous fields, including customer service, teamwork, finance, public speaking, and many others.