Innokenty Isers is an enthusiastic blockchain professional, dedicated entrepreneur, and independent thinker. He spent his entire life experiencing numerous online businesses and innovating countless successful web-based businesses in the crypto, advertising, game trading, and finance industries. He resides in Greater Palma, Spain.


He is the CEO of Paybis, a blockchain space established in order to facilitate a platform that permits customers to buy and sell bitcoins through numerous payment strategies. He is an ambitious person who wants to help people engage in the evolving new environment of blockchain and cryptocurrency.  Innokenty, along with Konstantin Vasilenko, founded Paybis. At the time, they realized the potency of cryptocurrency. 


His aim is to build the most reliable and impressionable tenets in the current market instead of the largest or most esteemed. Innokenty, at present on trace, to meet his objective. He established the building blocks of the business associate services enterprise, along with a pretty perfect score on Trustpilot and a devoted support crew along with Konstantin Vasilenko.


He is an extremely knowledgeable personality, gaining rich knowledge in numerous fields, including business planning, team leadership, e-commerce, strategic thinking, search engine optimization, negotiation, product development, and many others. He completed his education at the University of Latvia, where he studied Finance and Financial Management, and also at Riseba University.