Hristo Enchev is an entrepreneur, and founder of LockTrip company, based in Sofia, which brings the advantages of blockchain to the travel industry. The platform claims to help users save up to 60% of their bookings by eliminating the middleadditionalional advantage is that customer info is better protected from malattacksttack and data leakages. LockTrip raised a $4.1M investment from accommodation provider Webjet for 25% of its stake, in 2021.  Graduated from Open University UK, HTMU,  earning a Masters's degree in Business Administration, and  Strategy in 2010; the Technical University of Sofia, earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and German faculty of Engineering in 2009. 


Hristo Enchev has an experience of 18+ years, and served as Co-founder at Software University(soft uni. bg) in 2013, from Zero-to-Career Tech education program; founder at XS Software, a pioneer of early browser-based gaming, creates one of the first successful free-2-play games in Eastern Europe in 2004; Co-founder at 1Hub, in Sofia City, Bulgaria in 2016; Technical Support at Host. bg in 2004. 

Accommodating numerous skills in many fields including industry knowledge of online gaming, entrepreneurship, mobile games endorsed by 4 colleagues at software university, monetization, social games, video games, online advertising, e-commerce, computer games, game design, online marketing, game development, user interface design, user experience, mobile devices, software development, mobile applications, community management, SEO, and casual games; Tools and technologies including ActionScript, Unity3DS; Interpersonal skills such as Strategy, Management, and Negotiation.