Damien Hirst is a British assemblage, painter, and the UK’s richest living visual artist whose is intentionally provocative art addresses vanitas and excellence, demise and resurrection, and medication, innovation, and mortality. Considered an enfant horrendous of the 1990s art world, Hirst introduced dead creatures in formaldehyde.  His estimated net worth is around $384 million. He became famous in the nineties for his interest in numerous exhibitions, and he was dubbed a “pioneer of the British art movement”  by the U.K.'s legacy secretary. 


He was involved in the NFT space program in 2021. In collaboration with art organization Heni, He dropped 10,000 pieces called "Tenders" inside an NFT assortment named "The Currency." The NFTs highlight front and back pictures of 10,000 unique actual works of art by Hirst and were sold on OpenSea. The actual fine arts were made back in 2016 to investigate “the boundaries of art and currency.” individuals who applied to buy the collection were given the decision to get either an NFT or an actual duplicate, with the unselected version being signed. On Aug. 15, The Currency turned into No. 1 in the NFT rankings on OpenSea. With a story cost of almost $50,000, the undertaking was assessed to have a market worth of $500 million at that point.


Hirst additionally reported that he will be dropping another assortment called "The Empress" in February that will include five new works of art named after five female rulers. The art will sell the managed Heni with the choice to buy the actual prints straightforwardly or buy a Heni Editions NFT Deed that allows the holder to guarantee the actual print sometime in the future. Eventually, Hirst is supposed to go on with his NFT drops into 2022, overcoming any barrier between the conventional universe of art and the digital ecosystem.