Frank Spiteri is a crypto and bitcoin expert who serves as the Chief Revenue Officer at Coinshares, a pioneering professional crypto investment platform aiming to deliver the most fit-for-purpose crypto investment vehicles to market with a remarkable history. He focuses on building structures that enable innovative and new investment capital to access the emerging market space of crypto assets. 


In 1997, he began working as an Assistant Manager of Operations at Citi, a financial services firm based in New York, but left after two years. In 1999, he joined KBC Financial Products as an associate director, where he worked for eleven years. He has worked in numerous organisations in parallel with acquiring greater knowledge about the fields he has worked in, also served as Managing Director and Head of Distribution at ETF Securities by WisdomTree.


At CoinShares, Frank is responsible for leading and supervising all areas relative to innovation, distribution, enhancing products as well as developing new revenue streams for the platform. He builds new products and manages every aspect of generating revenue for the company by collecting ideas successfully via all levels of marketing, including marketing and sales.