Esteban Ordano is the Co-Founder and Advisor of Decentraland. He held the position of Chief Technology Officer at Decentraland, though he was promoted to a more advisory role post the platform became a decentralized autonomous organization. Before Founding Decentraland, he was the Advisor at Matic Network, an international, sustainable web3 infrastructure on Ethereum.  Ordano founded Smart Contract Solutions, in 2015 and helped build some Bitcoin-related products. 

Basically, Ordano is a software engineer and helped several companies including Google, where he was a software engineer and site reliability engineering intern and designed and developed tools for multi-device automated testing, design, and development of a cluster benchmarking tool. Later, he switched to work at ITBA as a Teaching Assistant in 2010 and consequently began to serve as Software Engineer at BitPay, Inc., in 2014. BitPay is a financial service that accepts Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency payments.