Degen Spartan is the handle of a popular Twitter account that specializes in crypto and decentralized finance. Degen Spartan zealously conceals his anonymity – another person read his responses on the podcast — but we know he has a background in institutional trading and began his crypto journey by profiting from price disparities between exchanges. Degen Spartan, a self-described "profit maximize," has gained a following on Crypto Twitter for his frank, often controversial, but always smart views.


He particularly likes FTX and is "ready to bet" on Sam Bankman-Fried, the company's CEO. His first claim to fame was as a hugely successful investor and supporter of Synthetix.


During the Defi summer of 2020, Degen Spartan swiftly rose to prominence as a master of "dumpenomics" – the technique of abandoning winning positions by dumping big token quantities on other traders. He also claimed at the time that his early Synthetix adoption had paid off handsomely, with his position increasing by $340,000 in just 18 months.


But, beyond the witty tweets, Degen Spartan has a deep understanding of the industry and has shared several contentious viewpoints with his fans. He thinks MakerDAO is a fundamentally poor protocol, and he's not a big fan of governance tokens or the Yearn. finance ecosystem. His trading strategies were based on identifying and testing opposing viewpoints, while he was also willing to follow popular trends.


He had previously hinted at a future makeover as a "Prudent Spartan," yet the character's most recent tweet, from 2021, announced "planned obsolescence." However, with Defi 2.0 potentially arriving in 2021, expect more smack talk, meme posting, psyops efforts, and money-printing from ambitious Defi players.