Daniel Wang is a tech lead and senior software engineer who is the Co-Founder of Taiko Labs. It is a general-purpose layer 2 platforms for the Ethereum ecosystem. In 2017, he founded Loopring Foundation, which is a new crypto trading standard and an EVM DEX protocol empowered and scaled by zero-knowledge proof technology, where he held the position of CEO of the company. Before Loopring, Daniel served as the senior engineering director at ZhongAn Insurance which is an online Insuretech firm based in china.


Daniel is focusing on leveraging technologies to develop ecosystem-oriented insurance solutions and products in different consumption scenes to better serve consumers. In 2014, Co-Founded and served as CEO at Coinport Technology Limited which is a cryptocurrency service firm offering a Bitcoin payment processing service that decreases merchant's overall payment cost to 0.5%. In the early stage of his career, he worked at Google as a Tech Lead and Senior Software Engineer where he led 9 engineers and 4 interns working on the products including the display ad frontend, designed and implemented a GWT-based frontend server to support ad Bid Landscape.