Dan Gambardello is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, investor, and passionate blockchain and cryptocurrency influencer. He works as a blockchain engineer executive for those who are developing the emerging new technology blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. He is a world-class executive and engineering recruiter and resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the United States. He has seven years of experience in a competitive market.


He is the founder of Gambardello Capital and has had extensive experience in every distinct vertical. Before, he started Gambardello Capital as a real estate funding hub. Although real estate was his primary focus, he was also involved in different markets and, consequently, other ventures along with startups. This transformation into the space of tech is where Capital Tech Ventures came into existence. At present, he is the President of Capital Tech Ventures.


He founded one of the leading organizations, called Crypto Capital Ventures, in 2018. focusing mainly on cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology ecosystem. He built a smaller, secure, and reliable platform that aims solely for quality rather than quantity. In the enlarging and combating market, he successfully delivered concatenation with the full package of enormous quality candidates. He is primarily concerned with engineering intellectuals in cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence platforms.


Additionally, he has been volunteering at the Litecoin Foundation since 2018, which aims to develop a non-profit platform to enhance Litecoin for the benefit of society by building and marketing state-of-the-art blockchain technologies to provide payment methods with low costs and rapid transactions. He is a highly skilled individual who incorporates numerous skills such as new business development, leadership, marketing strategy, team building, CRM, SEM, etc.