WhiteBIT is the European largest crypto assets exchange platform based in Vilnius. The company was founded in 2018, by Vladimir Nosov, and provided the most secure trading platform across the globe. The platform has been developed on cutting-edge technology offering an institutional-grade ecosystem for professional and new customers in the innovative technology space. 


WhiteBIT is seeking to provide users with a rapidly growing selection of blockchain technologies and crypto assets, and new digital tokens featured in the trading space must complete a strict review process. As a strong believer in education, the company has been actively collaborating and involved with top players in the industry. The custom trading engine was created to be scalable and to make sure orders are completed in real time. The company is supporting startups to help drive innovation in the blockchain industry, focusing to support both established and new blockchains. 


WhiteBTC's extremely efficient and automated monitoring space enables users the lightning-speed transactions available at present within minutes, 24/7, including updates on balance, trade, and maintenance information. WhiteBTC uses the most reliable, effective security technologies to leverage a multi-stage holding strategy to assure that the most of funds are stored in cold storage for extreme safety. Moreover, the platform also provides two-factor authentication for every user and allows a host of additional security by keeping security as the first priority.