What Bitcoin Did is a tri-weekly Bitcoin podcast hosted by Peter McCormack, who interviews professionals in the fields of Bitcoin development, privacy, investing, and acceptance. Since its inception in November 2017, the podcast has amassed over 400 episodes and a guest roster that reflects the breadth of expertise and perspectives that make up the Bitcoin community.


Individual podcast episodes have focused on lively and approachable discussions with some of the industry's most powerful figures. The WBD mic has been shared by established veterans like Adam Back, Charlie Shrem, and Andreas M. Antonopoulos, as well as budding prospects. There are no taboo topics, and diversity of opinion is encouraged. Cannabis to censorship, libertarianism to the Lightning Network, and sex workers to Segwit2x have all been discussed in the past.


When it comes to audio production, What Bitcoin Did strives for unrivaled quality, which has earned them considerable praise from the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency communities. Peter interviews his guests with the assumption that his listeners aren't Bitcoin specialists, which makes this podcast ideal for both long-time Bitcoin enthusiasts and those who are just getting started with cryptocurrencies.