The most reliable Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange in India is WazirX. A group of dedicated traders and fervent blockchain supporters created WazirX. To include every Indian in the blockchain revolution is one of the goals. This movement is spreading around the world at an unprecedented rate. You may Buy, Sell, and Trade digital assets with WazirX with incredible convenience, assurance, and trust. WazirX has you covered whether you're an experienced trader or a first-time investment!


WazirX, which launched in 2018, has developed into the most reputable exchange in the Indian cryptocurrency sector. It is a part of the Binance group, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world with users in 180 nations. The founder of WazirX is Nischal Shetty and the platform is located in Vashi, Maharashtra, India. 


The first automated P2P trading platform was created by WazirX. This restarted the cryptocurrency trade engines in India. Users were able to conduct legal trading in safety. According to the company, WazirX alone recorded $44 billion in volume for the year and had a 10x increase in users to 10 million.