VeChain is a blockchain-based food traceability platform that provides the food and beverage industry with a variety of traceability functions that are readily deployable, including product provenance, quality certificates, etc. The company was founded in 2015 by Sunny Lu, who is also serving as CEO of the company currently. The company has its offices in Singapore, China, Japan, France, Italy, Luxembourg, and etc.


The products offered by the company are food safety track and trace, sustainability track and trace, general supply chain track and trace, low code deployment, and blockchain as a service. The solutions offered by the firm are sustainability and carbon management solutions, transparent supply chain solutions, blockchain storage solutions, and many more. The firm currently has 3K+ enterprise users and 300+ enterprise partners. Some of them are Arket, LVMH, BYD,DeadStock,Walmart China, PWC, Shokay, REEBONZ, and many more. As the company has grown to the depth level where it has achieved the title, suchas One of the compilation units of Shanghai, the world's first 5 star rated blockchain services, the influential blockchain innovation application of the year in 2019, and many more things are still coming.