Uniglo is an investment DAO with a treasury-backed token founded in 2016. As is one of the best new tokens to enter the space of crypto, the Uniglo token will be supported by various well-known digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, BUSD, and many others. The objective of the DAO is to build up a huge treasure trove of investments. Since we can insure against market volatility, these assets will be kept in our multi-sig safe, giving us an advantage over the cryptocurrency market.


A DAO is a group of people that get together and make choices on their own, independent of a corporate or central leader. To ensure no centralized authority can intervene once the community has taken an alternative, they are created on a blockchain using smart contracts. We acknowledge that there is power in numerals. We need many types of thinking, including analytical, artistic, innovative, and structured. The most effective approach to do this is by using an open DAO structure.

The Uniglo team is developing a "social currency" to act as a buffer against the volatility many crypto assets exhibits. Popular cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and tokenized versions of priceless real-world commodities like gold, collectibles, artwork, and more will all be present in the Uniglo Vault, which houses the assets that support GLO tokens. Uniglo will hold stable and erratic cryptocurrencies, digital tangible assets, and rare NFTs to fend off swings and imperfect markets. GLO has already risen 30%, and the project hasn't yet begun, while BTC and ETH are struggling. The GLO price, currently $0.013, will increase once more on September 15th (just a few days from now).