Tokpie is the first cryptocurrency exchange platform with a bounty staking trading service.  A platform where users can earn, buy, and trade cryptocurrency from all around the world at any time using any payment method that is secure and easy. The name Tokpie is a combination of token and pie and the bounty stakes trading is the revolution in bounty practices and provides solutions for bounty hunters to get cash immediately after performing bounty tasks and related projects, while investors get the highest returns on their investments by obtaining promising tokens with discounts, and startups boost bounty campaigns, coin sales, and tokens. The company has been registered since August 17, 2018, and was founded by Vasilli Silin. The platform offers trading on more than 100 cryptocurrencies, as well as the ability to give and receive crypto assets, stable coins, and tokens from bunting and airdrops.


Tokpie (TKP) is a utility token that coexists on Binance and Ethereum-based ERC-20 smart chains, accepts trades on the Tokpie exchange, and comes with a wide range of applications and benefits that power the Tokpie ecosystem. The platform offers promising altcoins, trading, withdrawals of fee discounts, maximised ROI, referral bonuses, regular airdrops, and P2P lending and borrowing. The firm provides a unique opportunity to obtain different altcoins at low prices. Bamboo Defi, Benzinga, CoinSpeake, Crytpowisser, CoinGape, and BTC are all partners.