Jupiter is a digital banking application with the straightforward goal of providing you with a financial experience that keeps up with you. To help you understand your money, the platform gives you a variety of cutting-edge tools, smart insights based on your spending, and assistance in cutting through the banking language. It is founded by Jitendra Gupta in 2019.


All wireless telecom operators as well as other wireless service providers, such as broadcasters and broadband service providers, are served by Jupiter Services. Jupiter's management team will stick to its guiding principles of neutrality and equality toward its consumers, which is one of the company's core goals. With a portfolio of more than 2500 towers, the platform's Services is already the most well-known service provider in the area, delivering considerable scale benefits for its clients through "speed to market."


The platform has raised roughly $86 million in a fresh round of funding as the Bangalore-based firm prepares to provide lending and wealth management services to its clients. The startup's valuation has increased to $711 million from roughly $300 million in its Series B fundraising in August. The company's revenue has increased by 215 percent in FY21, from 5 lakh to Rs 11.79 crores.