Symbiont has created the industry-leading platform for institutional blockchain technology applications. Governments and financial institutions collaborate with Symbiont to create new revenue streams, improve transparency, lower risks, and save money. whereas the leaders in the sector, including Vanguard and the State of Delaware, have partnered with Symbiont. A group of capital markets and blockchain technology experts formed the financial technology firm Symbiont, which has its primary office in New York City and the headquarters of the company in Regions Greater New York Area, East Coast, Northeastern US. The founders of the company are Adam Krellenstein, Evan Wagner, Mark Smith, and Robby Dermody founded the company in 2013. 


The company provides blockchain-enabled networks that link consumers and providers of data. Symbiont Assembly's decentralized network enables parties to exchange precise, auditable data in real time. The company has raised $36.6 million in funding over seven rounds, with the most recent round taking place in 2021. There are a total of 19 investors funding the company, and the company's total revenue per year is $17.2 million.