Software Development Regular offers daily conversations with experts in the field of technical software. Technical software podcast listeners are an underserved market, according to data from the two years at Software Engineering Radio. This should be self-evident if you're a software developer who doesn't listen to many software-related podcasts. Knowledge of software will enable you to operate more effectively. Software engineering is expanding in breadth. You are a software engineer if you use WordPress, Ableton, or PhotoShop. If you use Facebook, you are a software engineer who contributes to the development of software.


There is no "opting out" of learning how software works over a twenty-year time horizon. However, regardless of your age, race, or creed, learning about software is doable (and enjoyable). I only comprehended 5% of every episode when I first started listening to Software Engineering Radio in college, but I found the characters intriguing, and my comprehension of software steadily grew with each listen. During my work commute, I would frequently listen to an episode and learn more from it than I would at work.