Resfinex is a digital asset trading platform located in the British Virgin Islands. The company allows users to buy, sell and trade digital currency and an array of cryptocurrencies on a secure, fast, and convenient platform. Because of the dynamic fee structure with the lowest fees for higher volume trading, the platform encourages robust liquidity and tighter spreads in the market by employing a volume-tiered fee schedule. 


Launched on July 6, 2019, the company is committed to being an accelerating force in the blockchain revolution by raising the adoption of this innovative technology across the globe. Focusing to advance new, innovative blockchain projects that could boldly transform the method services, goods, and operations are maintained globally. The company follows a comprehensive approach to protecting individuals' funds and information with first-grade security. 


In addition, Resfinex includes its own token called Resfinex Token (RES) which is the heart of the ecosystem. The team has created incentive plans to enhance network effects, demand for RES, and reduce its circulation supply.  As a hub of traders, the company is designed with the intention of providing high-quality trading space in the Ethereum ecosystem. With a small team with an ownership mindset, the team members are a highly motivated self-starter who believes in long-term learning.