RELX helps professionals and corporate customers make better decisions, obtain better results, and be more productive by providing information-based analytics and decision tools. Their goal is to improve society by creating products that aid in the advancement of science by researchers, the improvement of patient care by physicians and nurses, the promotion of the rule of law by lawyers, the achievement of justice and fair results for clients by attorneys, the prevention of fraud by businesses and governments, the accessibility of financial services by consumers, the fair pricing of insurance, and the understanding of markets and transaction completion by consumers.

For professional and corporate clients in the Risk, Scientific, Technical & Medical, Legal, and Exhibitions sectors, RELX creates information-based analytics and decision-making solutions. RELX  is an expert in Scientific, Technical & Medical, Risk & Business Analytics, Legal, Exhibitions, and Information Technology. RELX was founded in the year 1880 and the company was placed in London, UK.