Radar Relay DEX is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Collins, Colorado, USA. The company operates on decentralized principles by using the Ox protocol. This protocol transmits orders off-chain decreasing gas costs and bloat. The platform supports Ledger Nano, Fortmatic, MetaMask, and Trezor, allowing users to buy, sell, market orders, limit orders, and share order services. Relayers gather fees anytime they enable trade and anyone can create a relayer. At this exchange, traders do not need to register, as it is a decentralized exchange. Instead, they have to connect their wallet with the Radar DEX app and begin the trading journey with ease. 


The exchange was founded by Alain Curtis, who is also the CEO of the company. In 2017 recognized the beta version of the Radar Relay App which was further built based on customer inputs. At present, the platform has a 24-hour trading volume worth 56.32 BTC from 21 trading pairs and 18 coins. The most active trading pair on the exchange is USDC/DAI. The team member of Radar hopes to develop one in the future, as the exchange is enabled to use on mobile, this makes a great mobile experience for traders. The Radar Relay DEX team is available to deal with any issues or queries for users.