Quantify Crypto provides a web-based dashboard as well as tools for monitoring and visualizing real-time price changes. These bullish and bearish signs are available for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the most popular altcoins. It is a platform that offers real-time cryptocurrency pricing, technical analysis, news, heatmaps, and more. The trend algorithm is our flagship product, designed to be on the right side of important cryptocurrency price changes. Our Trend algorithm was created with the highly volatile crypto industry in mind. Cryptocurrency analysis, price notifications, professional tools, heatmaps, methods, instructional content, news, charts, and more are all available for free. The company employs less than 25 people. Founded by Alexander Barry,  Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware,  United States.


 Bitcoin is a very volatile investment. Massive price spikes and drops can occur in a matter of seconds. As a result, while trading Bitcoin, using a momentum algorithm to assist you to gain a feel of a price's stability is a smart idea. We built an AI-driven trend indicator at Quantify Crypto that predicts bullish or bearish price fluctuations. Bitcoin price increases that are slow and consistent frequently lead to huge price surges. A bullish signal is generated when our trend mean score reaches 75 or above. When the score falls to 25 or below, a bearish alert is triggered. When trading, this method is utilized to find appropriate entry and exit locations.