Nousheen Mukhtar Marketing International the PR & Events company is the venue for great business gatherings. The company has been hosting and arranging events since 2015 with the founder's mission to drive business growth in the region, draw investments to the UAE, and empower entrepreneurs and startups. About 700 companies from a range of industries—including technology, travel and tourism, fashion, lifestyle, cosmetics, retail, pharma, law, corporate investments, health, and more—participated in its back-to-back summits and conferences in 2021 to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Nousheen Mukhtar Marketing specializes in Corporate events, conferences and seminars, exhibits, team-building activities, product launches, and brand activation events, training, and awareness-raising initiatives are the company's areas of expertise. With almost 60,000 people attending its events. aims to expand rapidly by establishing international business links and strategic corporate relationships. It promises to deliver amazing events to the area every year, all year long.