Nordic Fintech Magazine is a team of media and fintech enthusiasts that offer the most audacious concepts from forward-thinking Nordic fintech startups and financial services innovators. The financial services industry is experiencing some of the most fascinating social shifts. But as they all know, the world of finance can be incredibly dull, ponderous, and overly complicated. For this reason, they produce content that is straightforward, understandable, interesting, and suitable for the elderly. Nordic Fintech Magazine was established by Chris Crespo in the year 2021 and the company is placed in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Nordic Fintech Magazine to express the effects of changes in financial services without using any of the terminologies that divide individuals in the sector from the clients they seek to serve, NFM was created. They believe it is their responsibility to provide readers with information that deepens ones understanding of revolutionary concepts like web3, sustainability, green finance, cryptocurrencies, fintech innovation, and digital banking, all of which will undoubtedly have a significant impact on your life in multiple ways.