NFTs are completely digitized, which means any digital asset such as video, art, or music can be bought and sold on the NFT marketplace, just like trading cards. The major difference here is that NFTs are unique, irreplaceable, and provide exclusive ownership on the blockchain, which is what all the hype is about. A platform interviewing leading NFT innovators past and present on their personal stories, perspectives, and hopes for the future of the space. The aim is to weave these together into a single audio documentary to explore the history of NFTs, its key moments, meta-narratives, and the people that drive them to include in " The WTF Genesis Bundle " as NFT audio files.


Covering the topics such as Art, Fashion, Events, Music, Gaming, Metaverse, Noobs, Drops, Sports, Hacks, top trends, and the latest on it, that can be easily sold on marketplaces using NFTs. NFTs WTF series is hosted by 100xART founder Jamie Burke, platforming the often unheard entrepreneurs, collectors, and artists that have brought NFTs to the main stage. With a mission of realizing an independent community-owned media platform to showcase innovation and diversity across NFTs, in all their media formats and use cases. As they knew this would be a disadvantage in the beginning, but over time would allow them to develop something really special with unstoppable momentum.